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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all face-to-face services are suspended. For further information please contact us using the form on our contact page.

Looking for a career in biomedical sciences?

About Cannabis Research and Education UK Careers

At Cannabis Research and Education UK, we are dedicated to advancing the understanding of cannabis through rigorous scientific research and providing education on its potential benefits. We believe that by conducting high-quality research and promoting evidence-based knowledge, we can contribute to the responsible use of cannabis for medical, therapeutic, and recreational purposes.

Joining our team means becoming part of a passionate community committed to making a positive impact in this rapidly evolving field. We offer exciting career opportunities for individuals who are driven by curiosity, have a strong desire to learn, and are eager to contribute their skills towards shaping the future of cannabis research and education.


2024 Career applications opening soon.

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Engage in a Collaborative Working Environment:

We foster a collaborative work environment where ideas are valued, diverse perspectives are encouraged, and teamwork is essential. You'll have ample opportunities for professional growth through mentorship programs, workshops, conferences, and ongoing learning initiatives.

Create a Meaningful Impact:

By joining Cannabis Research and Education UK, you will play an integral role in expanding our understanding of cannabis's potential benefits while contributing towards evidence-based policies that promote safe usage.

Thrive in an Innovation-driven Culture:

Our organization thrives on innovation as we constantly seek new ways to push boundaries in cannabis research and education. Join us if you're excited about being part of an organization that encourages creativity, fosters a spirit of exploration, and values entrepreneurial thinking.